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There are significant moments in everyone's life that deserve to be captured, and I am passionate about documenting those moments through film and photography. In my work the subject's emotions, personalities and sentiments shine through - creating memories that will last a lifetime.

My specialties are family and individual portraits, weddings, graduations and other large, formal events. I offer a variety of photo books, and can customize a DVD for you.

It would be an honor and a pleasure to videotape or photograph the significant moments in your life.

angela films blog spot

Update: 1:11:16

Dominic turned 4-months old and his whole family wanted pictures with him. The mom, nana, tata, this little guy was hamming it up.

Update: 1:1:16

I shot a couple expecting their first baby that was the most fun. When I was directing the dad-to-be to put his arms around the belly, he embraced his love and it felt like he heard the heart of the baby for the first time. His expression is priceless.

Update: 4:18:15

Hello there, I finally added some new photos. Graduation portraits, babies, families and not to mention hands and feet. Thanks for stopping by.

Families: 10:10:14

I love photographing families, especially ones with little babies. I recently shot photographs of Layla. She's only a month and already knew how to strike a pose. I'll post more of Christian. Oh man is he a ham. I love it.

Neighborhood: 6:14:13

I haven't been on my blog spot for a while because I've been so busy. That's a great thing but not so good for those wanting to see new stuff. So - visit my youtube channel at angelafilms for the latest video. I'm about to finish a 5 minute video about a Little cabinet that was made into a Free Library and how it's brought a neighborhood together. Thanks for checking in. I have 6,099 views on my web site. I was amazed when it hit 1,000, so Thank you. I'll try to be more diligent about posting.

Rory: 10:14:12

Rory came into our lives Oct. of last year.

I went to the ranch and took out my camera to capture her beautiful face a year later.

She's so much fun to be around. Her smile, her laugh, her attempt to walk brings so much happiness to a room.

Little girls are precious.

I love you more then pictures can ever say my wonderful great-great niece, Rory.

The Girls: 9.23.12

Heather took me to a park in Sahuarita to take pictures of her and her girls. The park is so fun. It has life size bronze animals. Elephants, even baby elephants for the kids, monkeys, lizards... I like to share new and exciting places for photo shoots. Best time to shoot outside is before 8 a.m. and after 5:30. You have about an hour of GREAT natural light to work with

Christian Rey: 9.1.12

Christian Rey turned 3 months. He's holding his head up so I thought this would be a wonderful opportunity to get that action. Who knew he would smile, tease, frown and be so charismatic for the camera. Wonder what he'll learn for his 6 months shoot.

Video Card: 8.30.12

Video cards are the new thing now. You don't have to send an e-mail, note, or present for birthday, get wells or say anything anymore. I shot a get well card for the principle at Davidson Elementary. It involved 600 students. Boy was that ever fun.

Thriller: 8.7.12

OMG they are so cute. It's my great-great Nephew's birthday today so I made him a little video where him and his brother are dancing to Thriller. Hope he likes it. He should get it in the mail today.


"Angela Soto is a marvelous person and fantastically talented filmmaker." Mary Cooney

"She has applied for a $250,000 grant. Click on the link: and vote for Angela Films to help make her dream a reality."

"Please help Angela with this! She's an awesome photographer." Vicki Bozarth

"She is an AMAZING, award-winning film-maker in Tuscon, AZ depicting daily life of every day people.

Subjects range from poignant stories of growing up, Latino culture in Tuscon, lesbian culture." Deborah Dols

Christian Rey: 5.31.12

Taking pictures of babies is like eating cake all day. It's the most enjoyable thing in the world. I took some pictures of James Jr. recently. I'll post those soon, and this little guy, Christian Rey I took when he was 28 hours old. His feet are a a wonder. The world is a new place for him.


Gabriela Salcido, 17, will graduate from high school this coming weekend. You may remember I took her high school senior portraits with the backdrop of Mt. Lemmon. This past week, she took some pre-college prep courses at Pima County Joint Technical Education District and had a wonderful ceremony at Centennial Hall for that. I was there, for all of it. Her growth, her knowing, her steps...I was there. Our Graduate.

I DO: 4.28.12

I shot the most beautiful wedding at St. Augustine's Cathedral. The bride couldn't be more beautiful, making every shot a scene out of a movie. Weddings are hard. I like to get all the traditional moments but there's always the unexpected ones that I love to capture. Dianette and Diego, I hope you view the video in years to come and remember how wonderful your day was.

BABY BUMP: 4.22.12

I was over at my great-nieces the other day taking pictures of her baby bump. I got some amazing shots of the couple being parents, before the actual little one gets here.

DANCE: 4.22.12

NEW ARTiculations were dancing in the Santa Cruz River and I was there filming them. They did a rendition of La Llorona that you can watch it at:


David Tineo just did a fundraiser, raffling off one of his Frida's. He's not the owner, Ernesto Portillo was. Now someone else has it. I wonder how he feels watching his work travel like that.

NAMI WALK: 3.31.12

I shot the NATIONAL ALLIANCE ON MENTAL ILLNESS walk this weekend and I'm almost done editing and uploading the video to Youtube. It was fun. My biggest challenge is knowing what to shoot. You can't capture everything, it's just too much and I won't use it all anyway. Hopefully the folks and NAMI will see the creativity in it.

Barber Shop: 3.12.12

My nephew Enius is always up to something amazing. He's teaming up with his uncle, David Gutierrez, and asked if I could conjure up a poster for his barber shop. My photoshop skills aren't up to what they should be but I came up with something old style for now...

Plus One: 3.11.12

Leina Nicole was born Feb. 7, 2012. This was her first photo shoot ever. She's a month. She didn't get any photos done at the hospital so she wasn't quite sure what to do for the camera, but her feet knew what to do. I dig shot of her mom saying "I ♥ you."

Roots: 2.24.12

Fifty-five wood panels were cut up and made into separate pieces from the huge mural (Our Roots) David Tineo did for the Tucson Museum of Art. Those pieces will be for sale tomorrow, Saturday, Feb. 25, from 1 to 5 p.m. at an art opening and reception at

Galeria Mistica, 2318 S. 4th Avenue.

The pieces sell from $150- $2,000. It's a treasure ...if you remember the mural. I made a 10 minute short that will screen at the reception. The short includes the footage when workers took the mural down.

Joleen Dedmon: 2.11.12

Joleen just won the "Lucky Break" singing contest at the casino the other day. She went home with a $25,000 check and a chance to audition in front of some music executives. We worked on a music video 2 years ago. What a fun time that was. This video was shot in 3 days. Here's the link:

Esmeralda del Desierto: 2.6.12

Oscar Jimenez and I are going to work on a project together. He's so creative. I'd like to be in his mind for half a second.

Water Shed Project: 1.29.12

This weekend I was shooting in arroyo chico with folks from New Articulations and I excused myself to - weee. When I got back I had cactus on my arm and in my hair. Jiminy Cricket. The footage came out nice though.

First Command 2-day shoot 1.12.12

I enjoy the editing process and making a simple photo speak another language.

First Command 1.11.12

Shooting portraits of people might be one of my favorite things. Imagine going up to someone you never met, getting a feel for who they are, their relationship to one another and taking a picture and capturing that feeling. It's what I try to do and did at the shoot I did these past few days at First Command Financial Services.

It was challenging but the families made me comfortable and by the 2nd day of shooting it felt natural to come up to folks and say - let me take your picture and make you look marvelous.

COOKIES: 12.18.11

How cool is it to take pictures for a living. I never know what images I’ll get until I show up and let the camera roll.

Last week I showed up at a cookie party. 18 girls, young and old, made cookies, had a contest and I captured the event. I came home with 100 cookies. I am now eating cookies for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The photos were great, but the DVD I made for the gals was the big hit.


My mother, Vicenta, passed away four years ago. Her gravesite is a place of solace for me now. My siblings and I go on every holiday to make sure she has a scent of the occasion. Last year my sister, Aurelia, decorated her gravesite with a Christmas tree. We did it again this year. My mom loved the holidays. Loved. What happy memories I have as a kid with a mother like that.

VIRGEN: 12.12.11

She’s magical to me, this Virgen of Guadalupe. I’ve documented her in my life and how that magic appears. This year, when I captured her through my camera, I swear her eyes followed me wherever I was.

FAKE SNOW: 12.7.11

Josiah is a two year old little boy who is full of curiosity. Nothing gets by him without him noticing, so try getting him to a mall that shoots out snow and capturing it was a little challenge. I took 197 pictures of him and his sister, Jayden, for their Christmas cards. I was so nervous hoping to get at least one they can show off to their family, I came home, downloaded them and got about 50 good ones. When Josiah strikes a pose, it’s always a gem.

Videos at:


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